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Going To The Races sounds so simple. However, a bad choice of race day, a ticket to the wrong enclosure or a glitch in the planning of your day out can put a damper on what should be a spectacular outing. Luckily the few traps along the way to a memorable day at the races can be easily avoided if you consider just a few particulars before you hit the track.

Choose A Race Day

Some tips on how to select the perfect and most convenient day at the races.

Pick An Enclosure

A brief guide to the different sections of the race course spectator area available to you.

Race Day

The first time out at a racecourse on a race day can be daunting. There is hustle, there is bustle, and a whole lot of people who seem to know exactly what is going on. If you want to get prepped for your big day out, you've found the right corner of our site. With tips on betting, track etiquette and general racecourse business, this page is fit to put you at ease.

Race Day Preparation

All is done. You have booked your tickets, gotten your group of friends organised and are good and ready to go to the races. Still, there are a couple of last minute details you might want to be aware off to make sure your big day at the races will be the height of glamour, rather than reminiscent of the Marx Brothers'.

After The Race

The last horse has stormed across the line, the last bookmaker has finished counting his money and your day at the races has finally come to an end. And although we totally trust your ability to get home, here are just some tiny tips to make the sailing extra smooth.

And By The Way, Did You Know..?

Non-essential but very useful knowledge to make your life at the races easier.