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Privacy and Cookie Policy

The privacy and cookie policy ("Privacy Policy" from here on) contained on this page has been put together in order to inform our readers ("you", the "user") how (the "Website") collects and handles anonymized data. We also describe the reasoning behind our data collection and storage methods, and the ways in which we secure such data. We strongly encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully. Your use of our Website gives us your informed acknowledgement and consent to our data processing procedures. In the case of disagreement with our Privacy Policy, you should cease any interaction with our Website.

If after reading this Privacy Policy you have questions about the ways in which we process anonymized data, or about your rights concerning it, you can send them to us on

Storing and using your information

The anonymized data which we collect via our Website, or through any third parties that are acting on our behalf, may be used for the following reasons:

  • To aid us in maintaining the Website and keeping its security up to date;
  • To enhance the performance on the Website and personalize its content; and
  • To improve our understanding of the ways in which users interact with the Website.

The anonymized data that we collect helps us understand the needs of our users better, which in turn allows us to redesign and update the Website in such ways so as to fulfil those needs better. This means that we may compile non-personal data into data traffic statistics, which will provide us with a better comprehension of our users' needs.

If we become involved in a major corporate takeover or similar transaction, we may be obliged to share such data with all potential parties. For instance, if we buy an asset or a business, sell a major share of our business, or become involved in a merger with another company, all potential buyers, sellers and merging partners may be allowed access to our data.

If a court order is addressed to us requesting information which may be reasonably helpful to a case or may help to uphold a relevant law, we may also share such data. We may do so if the shared data will help to enforce our internal policies and any rules and regulations that concern us, to defend us and other parties against illegal actions, and to protect the rights of us, our business affiliates and our users.

Anonymous technical data that we use to differentiate our users from each other may be provided to us directly by your internet-enabled device. Such information usually consists of the type of device and browser you use to access our Website, the language in which you view our Website, your IP address and possibly the location of your internet provider. We may also collect data on the links you click on within our Website, the pages you visit on our Website, and the length of time you spend looking at items. All this information is fully anonymized and collected solely in order to understand the general needs of our users so as to be able to provide you with a better, richer and smoother experience on our Website.


Cookies are tiny packages of data created by websites when you access them and are stored on your device in order to keep track of your website selections and function choices. Their purpose is to ensure that your preferences are saved, making your experience smoother and more satisfying. Cookies are usually temporary and can be cleared by accessing the settings of the browser you are using.

The Website uses cookies as a way of differentiating between separate users and their preferences, in order to be able to optimize the Website according to user needs and interests. Cookies may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Session Cookies – these are temporary cookies that are created when you access a website and deleted when you close your browser. The function of such short-lived cookies is to ensure that the websites you access function correctly. Our Website also uses session cookies and disabling them may result in a reduction of performance and speed.
  2. Analytical Cookies – these cookies have a longer life and are amassed from different users so that user patterns and habits may be analyzed and understood better. These are mostly used by third-party web traffic analytics companies which provide websites with relevant information about the preferences of their users. Being a third-party product, analytical cookies are out of the Website's control. The main information analytical cookies collect is the links that you click on and the time you spend looking at different websites, as a way of understanding your needs better.

All cookies can be disabled via the settings of the user's browser of choice. However, disabling cookies may lead to slower-moving websites, missing features, and various problems accessing websites.

Other referred Sites

The current Privacy Policy document has been compiled solely with our Website and its data-collecting procedures in mind, including cookies and other online tracking technologies. Within our content you may find hyperlinks that you wish to click on. By clicking on hyperlinks that lead you outside of our Website, you are exiting the webpages covered by our Privacy Policy. Any third-party websites you access will be covered by their own privacy policies, which may differ from our Privacy Policy. Thus, it is important that before you share any information with any external websites, you read their privacy policies carefully. All data you provide to external websites is given out at your own risk.

Purposes of information collected

Anonymized information may be collected by the Website from our users for the reasons below:

  • To analyse and understand user data and what it means for our Website;
  • To improve and ensure the security of our Website;
  • To understand how relevant our content is to you; and
  • To continuously upgrade the services we provide you with.

Data Retention

According to international and local laws and government regulations regarding user data, the anonymized information we collect from our users has to be stored for a certain amount of time after users have stopped interacting with the Website. The Website does not retain user data beyond that compulsory time period. During the time user data is in our possession, we do our utmost to secure it via the most modern and strongest available internet protocols and the established regulations within our industry.

Transfer of data abroad

Since our Website is part of a global company which has branches in many countries, we may occasionally need to transfer user data from one country to another. This means that user data may be transferred into or out of the European Union (the "EU"). Whenever such transactions are carried out, we will endeavour to provide the data in our possession with the same or an equivalent level of care as that within the strictest jurisdictions we operate in.


Security is a vital component of all businesses, but especially of those that are internet-based. We do all that is within our power to protect all the anonymized data in our possession by applying the most advanced security measures to it. However, the internet is a complex entity which is never fully secure despite anyone's best efforts. Thus, all responsibility for transferring data over the internet remains that of the user.


It is essential to understand that our Website has been built with an audience over the age of 18 in mind. It is strictly forbidden by law for individuals under the age of 18 to access our Website or to submit any data to it.


This Privacy Policy is an official document which is part of our Terms and Conditions. It is grounded in our company policies and the applicable data privacy laws. This means that it is regularly reviewed in order to correctly reflect any changes made in those laws and policies. Whenever we update our Privacy Policy, we will immediately inform you of this via our Website. If you continue using our Website after we have informed you of any amendments made, we take this as your official consent to such amendments.


Please contact us via email on if you have any queries regarding the ways in which we collect, process and store data, or regarding your rights concerning the data we collect.