Cheltenham November Meeting GET TIPS

Race Day

So you have never set foot on a racecourse, read a racing card, or placed a bet? Nice. After all there is a first time for everything; and your first experience of the track doesn't have to be awkward. A little preparation can do wonders for one's confidence, and as it is with most life situations, confidence is key if you want to feel comfortable in a new environment.

In this section we provide you with all the necessary ins and outs a first time racegoer might not be aware of. From ticket purchase to 'Betting 101', covering behavioural rules at the course and providing handy pointers to other attractions on the day; we are doing our best to have you covered come crunch-time.


Do I have to book early? Will my tickets be delivered by mail or do I pick them up on the race day? What about the kids? What about groups? And is there a standard price? It's surprising how many questions there are just regarding a ticket purchase. Luckily, all the answers are right here.

Betting 101

Sure, most betting matters are purely in the hands of Lady Luck; but it can't hurt to know a little about the mechanics and terms of the good old-fashioned gamble before taking to the track. For a brief introduction into the world of trifectas, ratings and racecards, click here.

Track Etiquette

Are you frightened about upsetting someone at the races and ending up a floater in the nearest body of water? Don't be. That would never happen. Still, it is good to know a couple of rules when it comes to on course politeness.


While the actual races are of course the main attraction of the race day, there is hardly a meeting in the season that doesn't offer appetising little special events as well. You just have to know where to look to make sure you don't miss anything.