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What To Take?

Once you are at the race course you will not feel like turning back to go and get all the small things you didn't think about in the excitement of getting ready. There are a few essentials you should always carry with you for a successful day at the races.


One would think that race courses are lined with cash machines, wouldn't one? However, once the track is packed, the tension is running high and every man and his dog realises they have not brought enough cash or any cash at all, the cues in front of the cash machines will be outrageous. Also, a number of food outlets on race tracks are cash only unless you spend large sums on food and drink. So, if you prefer placing your bets casually and elegant, striding past the aggravated masses competing for one of three ATMs on the premises delicately nibbling on the sandwich your cash just bought you, make sure your budget is ready at hand for when you need it.


In the hubbub and excitement of the races it can be difficult to keep track of individual horses' performance, tips you may receive from your fellow race goers and facts you might want to consider before placing a bet. Therefore take the five seconds to throw a pen or pencil in your purse so you can take notes on your race card or booklet and stay in control of your betting action.


This may sound like an awkward item to lug along to a day at the races. But considering that not all tracks provide sufficient shelter for everyone, especially for holders of cheaper tickets, it is a sensible idea. Raceday is no fun if you are either soaked to the skin or burned to a crisp; an umbrella gives you a good chance of avoiding both.


In every bit of footage featuring a race track you will have seen spectators chewing their nails while staring through their binoculars, but who would have thought that many people actually do take them (not just movie punters)? If you want to make sure you won't miss any of the action, even if it takes place at the far side of the track a pair of binoculars is the way to go. As an added bonus they will make you look just like a punter in the movies.


As most race courses do cater for visitors bringing a picnic is not a matter of life and death. However, it will safe you from cueing at the refectory, spending a lot of money better spent on bets, and will allow you to enjoy your lunch where you want when you want it. (Please note: most race courses will not let you bring your own alcohol.)