Wolverhampton Racecourse

Wolverhampton Racecourse is the horse racing venue equivalent to New York City - it seems to be the racecourse that never sleeps. As it has all-weather available there is no reason to close during the wet and cold seasons or keep the doors shut on rainy days. Floodlights to rival the Belgium highways take care of the night time racing needs; and 90 or more fixtures a year are testament to Wolverhampton Racecourse's dedication to keep the racing in motion not matter what. The busiest racecourse in the United Kingdom is inviting you to stop by at your convenience, chances are they will be open.

Map To Wolverhampton Racecourse

Address: Wolverhampton Racecourse, Dunstall Park, Gorsebrook Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0PE
Phone: 01902 421 421

History Of Wolverhampton Racecourse

Although it now without question the most enthusiastic and busy racing venue in the country, the history of Wolverhampton Racecourse is a tad patchy. Racing in the town of Wolverhampton allegedly started around 1825 and was a flourishing business until the property of the racecourse was sold in 1878.

Following the sale the course closed for almost a decade, until the Dunstall Park Club Company was formed and took on the project of resurrecting horse racing in Wolverhampton. They re-opened the venue and racing resumed. In 1933 the course made history, becoming the first flood-lit all-weather track in the United Kingdom. The conversion opened a world of possibility and Wolverhampton quickly developed a reputation as one of the most modern venues around. To keep the reputation alive the course was fitted with an exhibition hall, hotel and a panoramic restaurant, which made it an attraction to visitors from all over Great Britain.

In 1999 Wolverhampton Racecourse was purchased by Arena Leisure Plc, who took it upon them to improve even further on the course, track and trimmings. Since then the number of fixtures has soared, as has the number of visitors.

Notable Races At Wolverhampton Racecourse

How To Get To Wolverhampton Racecourse

Note: Although there is no free bus from Wolverhampton Station to the racecourse, the distance between the two is only 2 miles and easy to walk or - if you intensely dislike walking - reasonably cheap by cab.


Exit the M54 at Junction2 and take the A449 to Wolverhampton. Follow the signs to Dunstall Park. The racecourse is on Gorsebrook road, just off the A449.

Wolverhampton Racecourse Facilities

Ringside: This traditional carvery restaurant is located close to the track and parade ring, keeping you close to the action as you enjoy a delicious meal. Packages at the Ringside start from as little as £29.50 per person.

Horizons: As this venue is located up in the Grandstand, it offers not only excellent dining but the best views of track and finish line around. Packages from £39.50 include private bar facilities and CCTV to keep you informed off the goings on down below.

Private Suites: If you don't feel like mingling with strangers on your race day, the Wolverhampton Racecourse offers a choice of private suites with individually tailored hospitality packages.