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Pick An Enclosure

Typically there are three different enclosures at every racecourse. Their names may vary from venue to venue, so the titles used below may not apply to all settings.

Members / Club / or Premier Enclosure

This is the most elegant and prestigious enclosure. It affords the best views, supreme catering and the glamour of being in the VIP area. It reinforces a strict dress code and plays host to many breeders, wealthy owners of racing stock and the high maintenance fraction of spectators. A pass to this enclosure allows you to enter all other enclosures as well.

Tattersalls / Grandstand / or Paddock Enclosure

With the next best views of the course and good access to the parade ground (where the contenders can be observed before the races), and a more relaxed attitude to attire than the Members Enclosure, this section is perfect for race goers who want a bit of the glamour and all of the action. It is also the stomping ground of the bookmakers, who can be observed in their natural habitat in this enclosure, which is sure to make for interesting impressions.

Silver Ring / Course / Picnic

This enclosure is best suited for new race goers, large and casual groups of friends and families looking to enjoy a day at the races. Although you cannot get up close to the parade ground or view the winning horses in their wind-down areas, you still get the action and excitement of the actual race. This is also the only enclosure that allows you to bring your own food and some beverages (alcohol may often not be brought onto the premises). If you are looking for a day of betting, relaxing and a picnic on the green, this is the place to be.