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Choose A Race Day

Your choice of race days is - technically - endless. With dozens of races to chose from every week you might feel overwhelmed when the time comes to make a decision. There are a few helpful determining factors to aid you in your choice.

Firstly, it is always a safe bet (especially for new race goers) to start looking for events close to home. Establish the nearest race course to your home and visit it online, most race courses have their own website, listing fixtures, prices and relevant news items. If a race course close by appeals to you, you can go ahead and examine the list of upcoming races. Most race courses hold regular races on weekdays, reserving the weekends for the big events featuring multiple races and often pre-race entertainments. If you want to make a day of your trip to the races, you are best advised to plan your excursion for a weekend to get the full benefit of equine sporting entertainment.

If you are after a specific event, such as the Royal Ascot Races or the Gold Cup, you have to check for dates and location as soon as possible. Special race meetings are always advertised on the race courses' websites, as well as the racing pages of major newspapers. As the big race days are very popular you should purchase your tickets early to prevent later disappointment. You can purchase tickets online or even directly at the track -you can just drop by a few days before your race of choice, which would give you a nice chance to check out the lay of the land before attending the race itself.

When choosing a race it is always good to know what is being offered. The three main types of horse racing offered in the United Kingdom are Flat Races, Jump Races and Harness Races. A flat race is the classical form of horses contending around a track, no obstacles, no shenanigans. A jump race sees the horses negotiating hurdles, walls and water during the race. In a harness race the horse does not carry the jockey, but pulls him in a light two-wheeled cart, reminiscent of the chariot races of ancient Rome. Once you have settled on which meeting you want to attend, there is only one choice left to make before you can run along to by your tickets: which enclosure will you visit?