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Welcome to The After The Race

There is very little to say after a great day out at the races... everyone is happy and a little exhausted, tipsy from the sun and the champagne... all there is left to do is get home safely.

You should expect a mass exodus from the racecourse's car park, but in most cases attendants are at hand to regulate the madness. Just be patient and everything will be fine.

If you are dependent on a free shuttle to ferry you to the train station, make sure you know exactly when it leaves. Most courtesy busses leave about fifteen minutes after the final race of the day, but this can vary from racecourse to racecourse.

Make sure you have your winnings, valuables and souvenirs with you when you leave, as well as your admission stub in case it is needed to leave the car park.

Other than that, all you have to do now is to roll on home and have a great time til the next race.