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If you want to contact us with a question or on anything to do with horse racing then we will be happy to answer your queries. If we can help then we will but there isn’t much about horse racing that we don't know. We have a team of experts who know not just horse racing but horse race betting too.

We also have the finest analysts as well and this is pretty
unique in this industry.

Horse racing "experts" usually come in two categories. They are either very knowledgeable about horse racing (trainers, jockeys etc) or they are very knowledgeable about betting (professional gamblers, betting firms, bookmakers etc). We have a blend of everything and our combined team cover every single aspect of the game. So without further ado, let's meet our "five apostles".

Our Five Experts who we Call the "Five Apostles" Come from All Walks of Life but all Have one Thing in Common, they have Experience that is Extremely Valuable to us and to you

Matthew Rodgers

Age: 46

Lives: Cambridge

Matthew has only been with us a short while but he has already proven himself to be a very valuable asset to the company. Matthew started gambling at school against his friends in the poker games and showed an aptitude for odds and betting even at that young age. He is married and has two children. After working in IT for a number of years, Matthew decided that he needed a change.

He became a trader on horse racing on the betting exchange and made over £40,000 in his first year. His father was an on-course bookmaker back in the 1970's and so Matthew was brought up around odds and bookmaking from a very young age. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company on odds and betting strategy that few can surpass.

Patricia Hayes

Age: 29

Lives: Woking

Patricia started out as a primary school teacher and went onto teach maths at comprehensive school. So her grounding in numbers was already going to be useful for gambling. She first started betting in casinos and won over $70,000 in 2011. Her biggest achievement though was in getting bonuses and free bets totalling £9000 in 2015.

Patricia rightly states that the key to getting profits from horse racing is in knowing where to find the free money and then bet logically so that you don't give the money back. Patricia won around £12,000 last year from horse racing and decided to take her family on a trip to Barbados. Her expertise in online bonuses proves invaluable in how we assess betting firm bonus and VIP structures.

David Walsh

Age: 31

Lives: Birmingham

David is our betting and odds expert. David knows every type of bet available. He basically lived on the race courses between 2013 and 2015 as a professional gambler. David knows a thing or two about horse flesh and is a noted "paddock watcher". A term used to describe people that analyse racehorse behaviour before a race.

Davis used to work as a fireman but found out that betting made more money than putting out fires. He lives in Birmingham with his fiancée Karen and will be married in August 2017. He now bets exclusively online and focuses on flat racing and all weather which are his specialities.

Ian Bannon

Age: 47

Lives: Nottingham

Ian is our banking expert and why shouldn’t he be seeing as his previous career was in banking. Ian was laid off in 2007 and decided to pursue a career in gambling. He put £10,000 into a betting bank and "decided to use my brains to make a living". Ian has made a steady £25,000 per year since then and totally tax free. He also works as a consultant to several online casinos with regards to online security.

Ian lives in Nottingham and is divorced. His banking experience gives him the ideal background to analyse the betting sites from this perspective and their security systems. Ian bets on handicaps and lower grade races and looks for betting anomalies between rival betting firms. His grasp of value enables him to make substantial bets and ten years later, he still has his original £10,000 bankroll intact.

Philip "Value King" Connolly

Age: 38

Lives: Southampton

Philip Connolly is yet another member of our team who came from a bookmaking background. Philips's uncle John was a betting shop manager and this was where Philip learned his trade and built up his considerable knowledge of betting from the inside. He became so well known for winning money that he got the name "value king" amongst his friends and workmates at the car showroom where he used to work.

Philip started betting seriously in 2000 and turned semi-pro in 2010. He admits that he likes the idea of part time gambling and not full time gambling as it is largely stress free. Philip is married to Jenny and they have three children.