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International Triple Crown Races

Triple Crown races are notorious as stand-alone events; the Triple Crown series is somewhat like the holy grail for trainers, jockeys and owners alike. A horse that manages to win a full Triple Crown series is guaranteed a spot in the chronicles of racing history; so it is no surprise that the tradition of Triple Crown racing has long left the shores of the United Kingdom to spread all over the globe.

Australia, the United States of America, Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, Canada and Macau all hold their own Triple Crown series with great success and a huge local and international following. South American countries including Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Uruguay also host their own Triple Crown races, which are rarely broadcast beyond the borders but enjoy great popularity amongst the residents.

The term Triple Crown describes a series of three thoroughbred races for three-year-olds; usually three of the most valuable and competitive races of the flat racing season. In order to be proclaimed Triple Crown Champion, a contender must win all three races of the Triple Crown series, a feat which is notoriously hard to pull off - but the difficulty only makes the title more appealing.

English Triple Crown
Explore the thrill of the original Triple Crown Series, the races that started a global trend. From the legends of the track to the history running deep within the fabric of English racing tradition; the Triple Crown has it all. Read on to learn more about one of the most popular horse racing events of all time. Read More
Irish Triple Crown
If your loyalties don't allow you to get excited over anyone's Triple Crown but the Triple Crown of Ireland, we got some information for you right here. From smiling eyes to the proverbial luck, there is great atmosphere and equine excellence to be found at the Irish Triple Crown events. Let us provide you with the when, where and who-is-who of this extraordinary competition. Read More
Australian Triple Crown
Far away from the home of the sport of kings, in the Land Downunder, racing fans grew tired of hearing about the legendary races in the old country - especially since there was a plethora of talented race horses and jockeys on Australian soil to create a series just as riveting and difficult as the English version. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Australian Triple Crown series. Read More
Canadian Triple Crown
The Canadian Triple Crown series may have largely modelled itself on the United States version of the races, but the founders have made sure to twist it up with enough little idiosyncrasies to make it a league of its own. Read More
United States Triple Crown
The series officially referred to as the United States Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing, includes some of the most anticipated and hair-raising races hosted in the United States. Over the years the US Triple Crown has become yet another icon of the American sporting scene, the holy grail for any serious equine sportsman and woman - and rightly so. Read More
Macau Triple Crown
Welcome the new kid on the block! The youngest of the international Triple Crown competitions, held in one of the special administrative regions of the People's Republic Of China, may be new in the game but it sure has the guts and thrills needed for a successful Triple Crown series. For a new take on one of the most classic competitions for race horses in the world, check out the Triple Crown racing in Macau. Read More
Japanese Triple Crown
If thoroughbred horse racing is one of the last things you would associate with Japan - think again. The Japanese are in fact avid followers of horse racing, so much so that they have inducted their own series of Triple Crown Races decades ago. Learn all about the surprisingly long running and unsurprisingly excellent Japanese Triple Crown Series, the hottest and most valuable succession of horse races in the country. Read More
Hong Kong Triple Crown
Before Macau jumped on the bandwagon Hong Kong was the only region of the People's Republic of China to stage its very own Triple Crown Series. For over ten years the crowds have been flocking to this extraordinary display of equine excellence - so it is about time you get wise and get the details down to join in the fun. Read More