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UK National Hunt Horse Racing

Jump racing is not as popular as flat racing in the UK, but it does have the biggest event of the year in terms of TV viewership - the Aintree Grand National. Covered by the National Hunt organization in the UK, jump racing covers both hurdle jumping and steeplechasing, two of the most exciting events in horse racing. An interesting facet of jump racing is that it is mostly the domain of older horses. It takes a lot of power for a horse to perform well at jump racing, the kind of power that only a fully-grown horse possesses.

In our jump racing pages, you can read about:

Type of Jump Races
Don't know the difference between hurdles and a steeplechase? Check out this page to find everything you need to know about the different types of jump races. Read More
Major Events
While the festivals are generally more of an attraction than single races, there are a few jump racing events that stand out the most - like the Grand National and the Cheltenham Gold Cup. This page provides information on the most important races and events in the National Hunt calendar. Read More
Order Of Merit
With over 70 jump races considered, the Order of Merit is one of the most prestigious awards in jump racing. Learn about the award in our dedicated page. Read More
Unlike flat races, jump racing really is all about the festivals as a whole. This page will give you an insight into the biggest meets and the races they feature, as well as any traditions associated with the festivals. Read More
Grade 1 Jump Races
The When and Where of Britains most outrageous Jump race meetings. The highest order of Class 1 Jump racing invites you to join in the fun, whether at the infamous fences of Aintree of the hellish hurdles at Cheltenham - get your information here. Read More
Grade 2 Jump Races
Are 30 meetings a year just not enough for you? Then forget about Grade 1 and jump right into the event-packed world of UK Grade 2 Jump racing. Learn about dates and whereabouts right here. Read More
Grade 3 Jump Races
Looking for some old-school handicap jump racing? Then search no more. Click here to learn whens and wheres of Grade 3 Jump races in the United Kingdom. Read More
Racing Grades
If you don't know why a Grade I race is better than a Grade II race, then visit our race grades page. Read More
Horse Welfare and Safety
Jump racing is a bit more dangerous than flat racing. On this page, you will find information on the safety measures taken to minimise horse injuries and deaths in this exciting sport. Read More