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There is so much more to the races than just horse racing. Check out the website of your local racecourse and you will be surprised how much entertainment there is on offer, in addition to the horse racing action.


Most racecourses hold regular family days which naturally include plenty of children's entertainment for all ages. These events are mostly on weekends or bank holidays to make sure the whole family can come along and enjoy themselves. The children's activities, shows and much more usually take place in the course enclosure, where the kids have space to run around and get up to mischief.


You'd be surprised how often an evening meeting, especially at festivals and Ladies' Days, is followed by a live concert. The bigger racecourse frequently invite popular and well-known bands to their events, joining a day at the races with a great night out. The smaller racecourse unable to afford the big names often feature excellent local talent or cover acts, which are just as enjoyable in the right atmosphere.

Theme Days

The theme day is a popular practise especially at smaller racing venues. Ranging from standards like the Ladies' evening to newer additions like 'Singles Night', these events often include themed dress-up parties, music, raffles and anything your heart desires on a fun night out on the course.

Special Guests

Many racecourses love to invite legends of the horse racing scene to make special events just a little bit more special. Check online to make sure you don't miss the chance to rub shoulders with famous jockeys, trainers and Olympic athletes at the track. Also, you might want to feed a carrot to a retired equine hero.