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Your Full Guide to Finding Trusted Betting Sites

You may or may not already know how highly we take online security when it comes to betting online. It is the single biggest factor that we look for when we analyse a betting site. As someone on the outside and a non-industry professional then how would you possibly know if an online betting site was safe or not?

You might be able to do a little bit of research by yourself but the fact remains that you could still do one of two things without the assistance of professional help.

  • Deposit your Money with the Wrong Sites
  • Avoid Good Sites Simply Because they are New

In this guide, we will discuss several key areas that will assist you in finding the best online horse racing sites. The four following areas are what we really home in on and we do so for two reasons. Firstly we care about our readers' welfare and secondly because we are bettors ourselves.

What Makes a Good Betting Site?

Everywhere you look in 2018, there are online gambling sites. These range from horse racing sites, online casinos, betting exchanges to online bookmakers. It is amazing to think that all of this has happened within the past ten to fifteen years or so. Before we continue, it is worth pointing out that you shouldn't be needlessly spooked as a result of reading this guide.

Its purpose is simply one of education. As long as you are aware that scam sites exist and what to look out for, then the problem goes away and becomes largely academic. A good betting site and what makes a good betting site can be answered in four little words but these words mean an awful lot. They are ethics, professionalism, honesty, and reputation. If any betting site stands tall on these four key areas then this is certainly a site that is recommended by us. Good betting sites simply put 100% into every possible area including their security systems so that they simply cannot be hacked.

The Role of Professional Watchdogs

You may have seen the logo e-COGRA at the bottom of certain betting sites and wondered what it stood for? This is just one of the professional auditors whose job it is to scan and analyse online betting sites. The symbol of e-COGRA stands for "E-commerce, online gaming, regulation, and assurance. As well as our ourselves, they monitor and report on all online betting activity.

Any gambling site that passes their tests is given their e-COGRA seal of approval. Displaying a fake e-COGRA seal sign is in fact a criminal offence. If you fail to take the necessary steps to protect yourself then you really only have yourself to blame. You will have all of the help and protection in the world if you choose to use it. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink, or should that be a "racehorse to water".

Having the Relevant Site Security in Place

When we look to analyse any betting site then we always look to see if they have SSL (secure sockets layer) technology installed. This prevents any would be hackers from getting access to their site and with it your money and personal as well as financial details. Their codes are constantly scrambled and so even if a hacker cracked their system, their code would immediately become obsolete.

Any horse racing site that fails from a standpoint of security is instantly blacklisted by us. The site owners could be perfectly honest and trustworthy but they cannot be depended on to manage our funds if they don't have the proper security in place. Those four keywords that we mentioned earlier, well poor security comes under poor professionalism.

Protecting you from Scams

The bottom line is that it is our professionalism and the professionalism of other industry watchdogs like us that allows you to play safe. You can either go one of two routes when it comes to finding trusted betting sites, you can either go it alone and risk that you come to the right decision or you seek help from professionals like us.

Go onto our list of in-house experts to see what we know about horse racing! These people don't just understand horses and odds but they also understanding horse betting sites too and especially what makes them tick. We want to know that any ethically professionally run horse betting site is ticking all of the relevant boxes. These include the following.

  • Excellent Customer Help Desk
  • SSL Technology Installed
  • First Class Sign up Bonuses
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Checked by Professional Auditors
  • Excellent Reputation

Any site that wishes to remain industry competitive in 2018 must abide by the strictest possible regulations. No site escapes detection. The minute that any new horse racing betting site pops its head above water then we are immediately on the case. Customer help desks are another vital component.

Sooner or later you will have a problem and problems need to be answered as quickly and as rapidly as possible. There must be several methods of communication. These must range from e-mail support, live chat and telephone support too. The highest level of banking security must also be in place as well as a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options and speedy access to funds. In short, everything that any bettor would need!

The good news is that if you stay with our recommended betting sites then you will be able to enjoy all of these advantages. So deposit with them, get those sign up bonuses, be safe and have a lot of great fun.

When you bet without fear and stress then this is when you begin to bet successfully