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Stay with the Best Sites and Avoid Blacklisted Sites

There are many areas that need to be considered if you are to make betting pay. Selecting the right horses that can win the race is one thing. Selecting horses that won't get into contention is another. We could also add getting on at the proper odds too and getting your hands on the best welcome bonuses.

However, there is perhaps one area that many people overlook that is the most critical of all. This is to only bet on the safest and mosttrusted betting sites. Horse racing is no different. In 2017 there are more horse betting sites than you can shake a stick at. So it isn’t any surprise that people often end up going to the wrong sites. The fact is that they don't know a good online betting site from a bad one. This is where we come in.

If you aren't sure how to find the best sites from the sharks then you need to consult professional betting site analysts like us. Betting becomes simpler and safer when you stick with our recommended sites

How to Spot a Bad Online Betting Site

OK, so maybe you don't want to try out our recommended sites. Maybe you want to select your own. There is nothing wrong in that. We like people who know their own mind. However, you really need to know some pointers for what to look out for and how to spot potentially blacklisted horse racing sites. Take a look at this list of six factors that you need to consider.

We think that these six factors by themselves aren't enough. It is a bit like looking around a used car that you want to buy. As a layman then you may find the obvious things but you are not a motor mechanic. You cannot look under the bonnet and even if you could, you wouldn’t know what to look for, well fortunately we do.

  • How long has the site been operating:
    This factor isn’t conclusive by itself but the longer a site has been operational then the more secure it tends to be.
  • Do they have bad reviews:
    This is always a red flag and a warning sign. Simply google "reviews" for the betting site that you are considering joining and see what comes up
  • Helpdesk delays:
    Consider sending an e-mail to their help desk. If nothing comes back for days then how can you be certain that your important problems will be sorted quickly?
  • Too good to be true welcome bonuses:
    Ok, we all want a bonus as much as the next person. If a bonus seems too good to be true then it usually is. Bonuses can sometimes be a bait to lure new customers in so we have put together a list of the best horse racebonuses.
  • No bonuses at all:
    This may seem a tad strange compared to the previous factor but when a site has no bonuses then this could be a warning sign. This may indicate that the company cannot afford to pay them and are struggling financially.
  • Poorly laid out site:
    If the site is difficult to navigate or is poorly laid out then this is also a warning sign. The best betting firms have very expensive websites and this underlines the financial stability of the company and their level of professionalism.

We Analyse the Factors that Really Matter

  • Level of Banking Security
  • Business Ethics
  • The Quality of the Software
  • Bonus Structures
  • Payment Speeds
  • Historical Background

These six factors really get to the nitty-gritty of any online horse betting site. We also work out their overall level of professionalism and how fair they are with their betting odds. Although a quick check with any odds comparison website will tell you this. So the next question is, how wary should you be of rogue sites?

Don't Go into the Unknown

We have said it before and we will say it again, if you stay with our recommended sites then you really cannot go wrong. We name and shame any site that is falling short in any area of customer care. The good news is that the overwhelming number of bad sites have been driven out of business. A combination of bad reviews and professional watchdogs like e-COGRA getting tough on these sites made their existence very difficult.

However, the key ingredient is not to let your guard down! Never assume that just because a site is fancy looking or has glitzy software that it is 100% legit. If you look at the previous list, you will see that areas like banking security are difficult for any none professional to analyse.

As a broad rule of thumb, respected long-standing names are pretty safe. However, that doesn’t mean that the new kids on the block are not to be trusted.

Be guided by us onto the New Sites

Some of the new horse racing sites are very eager to please their new customers. Some of them are trying desperately to break into the horse racing market. Many have very big budgets behind them and in some cases millions of pounds. In fact, some lesser-known horse betting sites, like 888, are part of a much larger network of companies' worth in some cases hundreds of millions of pounds.

So let us do the spade work when it comes to checking these people out and don't try to do it on your own. Quite often the welcome bonuses and free bet offers are at their highest with new sites. This is a very important part of making money for novice bettors. Professionals don't need to worry about such things but as a novice bettor and someone that needs all the assistance that they can get then you need to be taking advantage of all of the bonuses and free money.

The Best Bonuses and the Leading Free Bet Offers Can Often be found at the Newest Sites. If These Sites are Legit and Trustworthy, they Offer the Player the Greatest Chance of Making Money

Blacklisted Sites are living on Borrowed Time

Once a bad or rogue betting site gets blacklisted then it really struggles to survive. Some aren't genuinely bad and by that, we mean that they are not malicious. They may not be aware of their full range of responsibilities when it comes to online horse betting. Their security systems may be vulnerable and that could leave bettors exposed when they deposit money or withdraw money.

Alternatively, your personal details may be compromised at blacklisted sites but this doesn’t mean that they intentionally meant to steal your money. All it means is that they didn't seek out the necessary expertise when the site was being set up and tried to cut corners. The bottom line is, stay with our recommended sites and you will have zero problems and lots of fun and profitable betting.