English Horse Racing

Equine sports - from Flat Racing, to National Hunt Racing, to the perennially English tradition of Show Jumping - are inarguably a favourite past-time of the English people. Saturday races are a given, it would simply not be the weekend if they were not available. Spectator numbers have consistently grown since the sporting events were introduced in the 16th century.

Major Racing Events In England

In the English racing calendar, very few major events need an elaborate introduction. Seasonal highlights include the Royal Ascot Festival, the Cheltenham Festival, the Aintree Festival and the Classic Races series.

English horse racing epitomises the grandeur of elegant, sophisticated sporting entertainment, although it has long lost its elitist elements. Races are now an occasion for members of all classes to come together and get lost in the excitement of the day. You can check out a number of English racing events on our Races page.