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Horse Racing MULTIPLE Bets

When you are placing a multiple bet, you bet on the outcome of several consecutive races. In order to win a multiple bet, all your picks in every race you bet on must come through. The principle of the multiple bet is to use the winnings from the first race as stakes for the second race and so on, meaning that a winning multiple bet will get you substantial returns.

You can place multiple Win bets, multiple Place bets and multiple Each-Way bets. It is also possible to place multiple Trifecta and Superfecta bets; however the odds of having them pay-off are very much against you and these bets should be left to the experienced bettors.

Types of Multiple Bets:

Double - In a Double you bet on the outcome of two consecutive races. In a Win Double for example you will pick the first horse across the line in two races. The pay-off from the first race will the be used to stake the second race, saving you the trouble to stake on each race individually. It also increases the stakes in the second race, promising you a higher return if your second horse wins. However, if you lose in the first race of a Double you are left without stakes for the second race. Just the same if you win in the first race but lose in the second, there will be no pay-off for you. A Double only pays-off if both races included in the bet are won.

Treble - The Treble bet works exactly like a Double, with three races instead of two. Again you must win all three races in order to get a return at the end. While this is risky, the automatic increase of your stakes makes for a much larger pay-off than betting on each race individually.

Accumulator - An Accumulator bet includes four or more races and follows the same principle as the Double and Treble

Multiple Each-Way Bets - The multiple Each-Way has two variations; 'Win to Win, Place to Place' and 'Each-Way All Each-Way'.

In a 'Win to Win, Place to Place', which is the most commonly used variation, the returns from the Win selection of the Each-Way are added to the stakes for the Win selection for the next race. The returns of the Place selection of the Each-Way add up the the stakes for the Place selection in the next race. This way the stakes on the Place selection will be lower than those on the Win selection after the first race. An 'Each-Way All Each-Way'will ultimately bring lower returns than the 'Win to Win, Place to Place', but it does keep you guarded from loosing all. In this variation you chose the pay-off from one selection after the first race - so either the returns from the Win bet or the Place bet - and divide it to form the stakes for the Win and Place selection in the next race. This way your stakes will not be as high, meaning a lower pay-off; however, you run little risk of ending up empty handed. As it is the less usual form of the multiple Each-Way bet, you will have to request it on your betting slip specifically.