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What Different Types Of Bets Can I Place?

Thanks to online bookmakers, it can be possible to place bets on races from all around the world, not just in the UK. What is more intriguing, though, is that bet types differ between jurisdictions. Online horse racing betting does not always conform to such boundaries, however, so the following is a list of bet types from not just the UK, but from all over the world. You won’t find every bet at every bookmaker, but you will know what each bet entails.

This is a bet on the winning horse of the race. Read More
This is a bet on a horse coming first, second, or third. Read More
This is a bet on a specific horse coming first, second, third or fourth. A common bet at US bookmakers. Read More
This is a bet on a specific horse coming first, and an equal size bet on it placing. Read More
Exacta or Perfecta
This is a bet on the exact order of first and second. Read More
This is a bet on which horses will come first and second, in no particular order. Read More
This is a bet on the specific order of first, second and third. Read More
First4 or Superfecta
This bet is like the Trifecta, except the fourth place horse must also be chosen correctly. Read More
Multiple Bet
This is a bet that relies on a linked series of wins on multiple races. Read More