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The Best Guides When it Comes to Betting Online

Betting on horses is a mixture of simplicity and complexity with the reality somewhere in between these two extremes. This betting guide will help you to find all of the relevant information on all of the key areas of horse racing! So if you want to find out how to bet or about how odds work then read on.

The Basics of Betting

Betting is a very simple process but it's amazing how so many novice punters over complicate it. At the end of the day, you're backing a horse to get a positive result and that’s it. We know that online betting firms are the best places to start. You can get the same odds or better than a high street bookie and you can even get welcome cash bonuses and free bets too. When you first start out betting, keep it simple. Bet on a horse to win and bet under 5-1 so you have regular winners.

The Bookmakers

At the end of the day, the bookmakers will provide us with the medium to place our bets, without them there would be no betting. All of our recommended betting sites are trustworthy and reliable. Your problem then becomes trying to beat them rather than being worried about your money. To get the better of the betting firms is a tough business but the key is to think contrary to the masses. Remember that betting firms are pricing up their lines to incorporate the psychology of the masses. If you can think differently to the rest then you can gain an edge.

Where Can I Get Free Bets

Horse racing is about betting. In fact, the sport would be pretty dull without free bets. The multitude of online betting firms means that there is fierce competition for these people to get your business. They offer free bets and welcome bonuses. In order to get these goodies simply sign up with one of our safe and respected betting firms and get started. Free money is all around you just waiting to be picked up.

The Value of Horse Betting Systems

Many people that are new to horse racing don't know how to analyse form or they don't know how to dissect a horse race. This is where the power of horse racing systems comes in. The best horse racing systems find parameters for profitable betting that even the bookmakers didn't consider. If you like the thought of using a fixed strategy with clearly designated rules then horse racing systems may just be for you. The top systems show profit year after year, while some of the lesser systems are still workable but are only seasonal.

How to Place Bets

Not everybody that bets on horses will have prior experience. Many of you will be doing it for the first time, others may have no previous experience of ever having bet with an online betting firm. Whichever it is, we've got the answers. Placing bets is something that people think is more complex than it really is, in reality, it's painfully simple. If it wasn't,then millions of people wouldn't be able to place their bets!

The Various Types of Bets

Online betting has made our life a lot easier when it comes to placing bets. All of our recommended betting firms have help desks and help screens to assist you every step of the way. The various bet types are all self-explanatory once you understand them. For example, most bets fall into three types. These are win bets (bets where you only back a horse to win), each way bets (bets where you back a horse to win or place) and accumulator bets (bets where you back a series of horses to win).