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Mixed Meetings

Mixed Meetings is the term given to horse racing events which offer Flat racing as well as National Hunt, or Jump, racing. Both forms of racing need to be able to be accommodated on the premises in order for a racecourse to host a mixed meeting. While the Flat races need nothing more than a flat track to run on, and a Hurdling race could technically be held on a flat track equipped with the simple obstacles; the track required for the running of a Steeple Chase is quite different. Steeple Chasing involves a range of obstacles much more elaborate than a simple hurdle. There are fences, hedges and the occasional ditch of water to navigate, all of which has to be in place on the course before a mixed meeting can take place. Therefore the racecourses offering such events are most committed to bringing the two main disciplines of equine sport together.

Mixed Racecourses In The United Kingdom

The following racecourses are equipped to host both Flat and National Hunt races:

Mixed Meetings In The United Kingdom

Although there is a number of racecourses which can host both varieties of horse racing, this does not necessarily mean that the two forms will be showcased on the same days regularly. However, there are a few select fixtures which offer the enjoyment of Flat and Jump races at the same event.

The number of mixed meetings may vary from season to season.