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Racing Clubs

Thanks to the ingenuity of die-hard racing fans there is no need to ever feel lonely when you are pursuing your passion for the races. Racing Clubs offer support networks for a number of different aspects of life at the track and are freely available to anyone interested in joining up.

What Is A Racing Club?

A Racing Club is an organised network of racing fans, essentially. Most clubs will charge a relatively small annual membership fee in exchange for a list of substantial perks.

Firstly, Racing Clubs - especially the smaller ones - organise frequent trips to the races for their members. This allows you to meet some like-minded people and have a great day out with a big group. Also, members of Race Clubs often receive discounted entry and betting vouchers at meetings.

Secondly, Racing Clubs often own horses - and members are entitled to a share of the winnings the Club's horses bring in. This allows you all the excitement of owning a race horse or being part of a syndicate without the cost, the organisational requirements and the long-term commitment. Clubs have their own silks worn by the jockeys piloting the Club's horses, which creates a great feeling of pride and togetherness in the members.

To keep you up to date with your Racing Club's movements most organisations send out a regular newsletter to their members.

How Do I Join?

Racing Clubs often advertise in horse racing magazines or in the racing section of your local newspaper. You can also look up Racing Clubs near your area online or check the notice board at your regular racecourse.

To join you will have to over the age of eighteen and able to pay the membership fee. The fees vary depending on the size of the Club and the services it offers. Large, nationwide Clubs will ask for a larger contribution but will offer more excursions and greater returns on the Club's horses in return. To join you can contact the Racing Club of your choice by mail or phone and pay the fees through their preferred channels.

Are Racing Clubs Legitimate?

Most of the larger Racing Clubs are registered with organisations like the Jockey Club or the British Horseracing Board. It is very unlikely that you will fall victim to a sham when you join up with a Racing Club.

However, you need to be aware that the Clubs cannot guarantee that you will earn the equivalent of your membership fees in winnings. As all betting operations the gambling through your Racing Club is a matter of luck. When you enter a Racing Club it should not be in order to heighten your winnings but to forge friendships with your fellow racing fans.