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Learn about the Biggest Winners in Horse Betting

Sure you can win millions on the lottery, but what are your chances of actually doing so? They are literally millions upon millions to one. In fact you could easily go hundreds of thousands of years before you finally landed six numbers. The fact of the matter is that you don't need to win £20 million to give yourself financial security. A win of between £500,000 and a million could achieve that if you were careful with the money.

Horse racing has the capacity to create big wins and change your life. We know that for a fact because in our industry we hear of numerous big winners that have made huge sums of money betting on horses. There are three reasons as to why you can win big on horses in the UK.

  • Gambling Winnings are not Taxed in the UK
  • Winning Odds can be Very High
  • You Can Leverage your Winnings with Accumulators

The Sport of Horse Racing allows you to use your brain and logic to win big unlike the National Lottery which is just blind luck

How to Win Big Betting on Horses

Unless you want to hope for longshots like with the lottery, winning big on horses involves four things.

  • Getting Lucky
  • Using Logic to Pick your Bets
  • Parlaying your Winnings
  • Using a Staking System

Now we are certainly not saying that you can use logic alone to win a big sum of money betting on horses. You need luck but you also need to use some common sense and you also need to gamble too. You need to assist luck in every possible way and this is where the majority of people go wrong. Let us look at two players who both start with £100. We will call them John and Joe.

John likes the thrill of big bets and places £50 bets on two horses at short odds. One wins and one loses but John is no better off and still has his £100. Then he suffers two losses and loses his entire £100. Joe on the other hand is placing £2 bets. He is behind by £10 and is still placing £2 bets.

After a couple of months of doing this Joe strikes it big with a £70,000 win from a £1 stake. All this happened because Joe was careful with his staking at the outset. We all know who won the race in the tortoise and the hare.

The Big Winners and the Big Payouts

The press covers big winners in horse racing all the time. In fact there are more winners in horse racing than we can shake a stick at. When we say "winners", well we really mean winners and not just people that have won a few hundred pound.

The Amazing Fred Craggs

2008 was always going to be a big year for Fred Craggs from Yorkshire. This was the year that he was going to reach his landmark 60th birthday. Unknown to him it was also going to be the year in which he would win a million pound on the horses.

Fred was your typical small stakes punter. He bet small and he either lost small or won small. In the end he broke even and had a lot of fun along the way, until his luck changed in a big way. Like we said earlier, don't lose your shirt and give yourself a chance to get lucky by staking smartly.

Fred placed a stake of only 50p on an eight-horse accumulator. His horses won in Dubai, Wolverhampton and Sandown and he scooped a cool £1 million and all from a mere 50p giving him a two million to one return on his bet

History in the Making

Anybody that follows horse racing will be aware of Frankie Dettoris' famous "seven timer". The place was Ascot and the year was 1996. When we talk about great horse racing milestones, we think of Red Rum winning the National three times. We think of Aldaniti and John Champion who both came back from the brink of death to win the National.

We also think of the great Frankel who went through his entire career unbeaten. Perhaps the greatest horse racing fete ever seen was when jockey Frankie Dettori won all seven races at Ascot and the 28th September 1996 would become a date in British horse racing history. It was also a day when Darren Yeats of Morecambe turned £59 into £550,000 betting on such an event to happen and for Dettori to ride every single winner on the card.

The Hard Luck Stories

There have been some huge near misses too and none more painful than Joe McGuire in 2014. He decided to bet on a "Scoop 6" accumulator where you try to predict the winner of every race out of six. He predicted the first five winners and went into the final race looking to win £7 MILLION!

The tension built into the final furlong but his horse eventually got beat by a matter of inches. The horse named "Escape to Glory" came very close but for Mr McGuire it didn't come close enough. A serious indicator though of the potential wins available betting on horses.

Backing the Longshot Winners

Favourites in any horse race are only the favoured horse to win the race. There are many races in the English calendar where there are weak favourites and/or the race is very competitive. This is where high priced winners can lurk. For example, there have been numerous big priced winners of some very big races down the years. Races like the Grand National have produced their fair share of longshot winners. In 2009 Mon Mome won the big event with odds of 100-1.

As we said earlier, when a race is competitive then this is when big priced winners can happen. This doesn’t tend to happen much with short fields or on flat races but remember one key ingredient. Long priced horses are only outsiders because of the presence of the first and second favourite. If these were to fall then the race becomes a totally different proposition.