Towcester Racecourse

Towcester Racecourse offers something no other racecourse in the United Kingdom has: Free Admission. Yes, you read correctly. Apart from one or two very special meetings every year, the up to 18 National Hunt meetings at this course are free. They cost nothing. You will not be charged entry fees when going to the races here. But quite aside from that, the racing at Towcester Racecourse is quite high quality - and not in a value for your money kind of way, but genuinely good quality. The great racing is mainly due to the tracks notorious difficulty, which tests stamina and really divides the champions from the wannabes. For an inexpensive day of racing in the beautiful countryside, Towcester is the way to go.

Map To Towcester Racecourse

Address: The Racecourse, Easton Neston, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 7HS
Phone: 01327 353 414

History Of Towcester Racecourse

Towcester Racecourse owes its great location, lovely backdrop, in fact its entire existence to the generosity of Lord Hesketh of Northamptonshire. It was his initiative that led to the founding of the Towcester Racecourse Company, and it was on his land on the Easton Neston estate that the racecourse opened its doors in 1928. So great was the man's passion for racing and his desire to provide the area with an excellent racing venue, he even commissioned a grandstand to be built for the inaugural day of racing.

Racing was not always free at Towcester Racecourse. The waving off the admission fee was a measure recommended by the Towcester Racecourse Company in 2002 in order to revive the public's interest in horse races. The scheme worked wonderfully, making Towcester one of the favourite racing venues in the county. In 2006 admission fees were re-introduced for the Boxing Day and Easter Sunday meetings, all other racing remains free to this day. The course is also still in the possession of the Esketh family, who continue to love and cherish it like they did from day one.

Notable Races At Towcester Racecourse

Although these are the biggest meetings at the track, all other meetings are well-worth checking out. What have you got to lose? It's free!

How To Get To Towcester Racecourse

Bad News: The closest train stations to Towcester Racecourse are Milton Keynes and Northampton, both 11 miles away, and there is no shuttle bus provided.


Take the M1 and leave at Junction 15a, then follow the signs into Towcester and to the racecourse.

Towcester Racecourse Facilities

The Empress Suite: This gorgeous restaurant offers race day packages from £67.50 per person. The package includes a four course meal, afternoon tea, a reserved table for the whole race day, a programme, a private betting facility and private bar, as well as use of the viewing balcony which affords to perfect view over the track.

Private Boxes: If you don't feel like sharing your day at the races with strangers, Towcester Racecourse offers a choice of private boxes with private hospitality packages for hire. From £110 per person you have choice of menus, private betting, bar and balcony for the afternoon, as well as the privacy to enjoy the racing your way.