St Nicholas Abbey’s Condition Continues to Lift

The veterinarian surgeon overseeing St. Nicholas Abbey is confident of a full recovery by the six-year-old following good progress since suffering a career ending, life threatening injury in late July.

Undergoing lifesaving surgery after fracturing a pastern during a routine piece of work in the lead up to the King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, St. Nicholas Abbey won close to £5,000,000 in what was scintillating career to say the least.

The weight bearing pin, which had initially been inserted into his cannon bone by surgeons broke late last month, forcing a scramble to remove and replace it with a cast, which to date has been a successful change.

In a video posted by St. Nicolas Abbey’s owners Coolmore, Dr. Tom O’Brien discussed the improvements and spirit shown by the stallion each and every day.

“We’re very happy to report that since the cast went on him, day by day he’s showing improvement and he’s taking plenty of weight on it”.

“It is promising that he is taking so much weight on his injured leg and there is a fair degree of healing going on in that fractured bone.

“We’re aiming for somewhere between 20,000-24,000 calories per day, which pretty much requires him to be eating 16-18 hours a day.

“St Nicholas Abbey’s keen appetite is contributing to his recovery” Dr. O’Brien said.

Adding to this, Dr. O’Brien discussed the positive approach the horse is taking to a full and fast recovery.

“As regards to the injured leg he’s using it well, he’s walking well on it, it’s still within a very supportive cast but we’re very optimistic the way he’s using it, the way he’s walking on it that we’ll see him make a fully recovery”.

“Overall he’s got a good appetite … he remains in good spirits and all those things are conducive to him making a full recovery” Dr. O’Brien concluded.

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